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    Removing Printers with PRINTUI.DLL

    I’m having a few issues trying to remove a printer with the PRINTUI.DLL command. I was asked to restrict access to a printer so I need to remove the printer form a few users accounts.
    The printer its self is hosted on a Win 2003 Server and each time we have given users access in the past it’s been a case of browsing to the printer on the server, right clicking & choosing connect. This would then install the printer & download the printer driver locally to the XP computer.
    The printer is shared as “2250n_colour” and its installed on server “sh-dmc1” to the full path would be:


    Im using the following script to remove the printer from a test machine:
    rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /gd /c\test-laptop /n\test-laptop2250n_colour

    The error I see is “Unable to delete the per machine printer connection. Operation could not be completed.

    Im running the command from dos on my PC, I have domain Admin rights
    Any suggestions why this isn’t working?

    It might be worth noting Ive been following the examples on this site:

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