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    We have 6 exchange servers on 6 sites (one for each site). Exchange 2003.

    In ESM there also 2 old Exchange 2003 servers in the list of servers of the First Administrative Group.
    – These servers were simply turned off, they were NOT decommissioned first. (orphaned servers)
    – I do not know if there were any mailbox enabled users on that server.
    – These were member servers, not master.

    I want to remove these 2 server from ESM.
    I know that I can just right-click the server in ESM, and select delete.
    I haven’t tried yet, but I doubt it will work, because Exchange was not properly uninstalled from these servers.

    After some googling, I found that the way to do this is through AdsiEdit.
    Now I figured out how to find the entries for these server in AD, with AdsiEdit :

    > Cn=configuration
    > Services
    > Microsoft Exchange
    > DomainName
    > Administrative Groups
    > First Administrative Group
    > Servers

    The servers I want to remove are there. My question is if I can just rightclick “CN=Servername”, and select delete, or do have to take some precautions (stopping services maybe ?/ ).

    Thanks in advance for your advice/ tips / thoughts…..
    cheers, Arnout.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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