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    A customer asked me to recover deleted messages (6 mounths ago) for some users, those users have been deleted from the AD user list because they are no longer working in the company.

    I take a look to the exchange server 2003 SP2. The server is working fine, and very lucky (i hope so and i think so ), they had the E00xxxx.LOG logfiles since january 2006. Yes, approximatively 30 GB of LOGs.

    Actually i didn’t know what’s the best way to rebuild the database and recover those deleted email. I give you here what i think is the best method do recover / rebuild the database:

    * At first, i think it’s a good idea to recreate the deleted users by using the same name and email eddress used at the time the were in the company.
    * change the exchange options to allow me to recover deleted emails from customer outlook deleted items.
    * and then, using the ESEUTILity to reinject the E00xxx.LOG files in the actual PRIV1.EDB. (using ESEUTIL /r options).

    As i’m afraid that could damage the exchange server database, is there an other way to made the same kind of work ?? Even if i need to install a windows 2003 server as standalone one, with an exchange installed BUT not linked to the domain. And in this case, how can i recover the deleted users emails ?

    Sincerly yours,


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