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    Hi folks.

    _EXCELLENT TUTES_ Daniel Petri! :) i’ve been readin your latest RPC over HTTP/S tute vigoursly. On other sites it’s been similar but very brief -> you have complete descriptions and images to back it up with highlights — perfect!

    now to the problem. I’ve followed your RPC HTTP/S tute i believe to the core.

    as such, i kick in Outlook 2003 and i select the RPC mail profile. I then get a popup window that is asking for Username / password. I try any of them in the format DomainNameUserName and it disappears and repops back .. i try again .. and same thing. it goes on and on .. never accepting my creditials.

    Tech Info.
    Domain: RebelAlliance.local
    Single server setup.
    Exchange 2003 Sp1 on a Windows 2003 sp1 box. IP: Name: HanSolo (eg. internal fqdn == HanSolo.RebelAlliance.local) Has exchange 2003 sp1 and iis6 installed. all private websites are also on this machine.

    Main server = Windows 2003 sp 1. IP: Name: Leia (eg. internal fqdn Leia.RebelAlliance.local). Active directory, internal DNS, DHCP and RAAS (for vpn) are all installed. This was also the first server of the domain.

    Router: port 80/443/25/110 are natted to hansolo (web/exchange machine).

    i’m at a loss to figure out what is going on?!

    also, when i log into OWA, i can log in as [email protected] or (prewindows 2000)

    some things to note: i’ve _NOT_ installed a digital cert for rpc virtual directory. that’s the only thing i’ve not done in your tute. if i do, i’ll try a local CA method.

    i’m at a loss :( Please help someone!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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