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    I have a mail account that Certain intervals times in the inbox automatically deleting emails.
    > He does not have auto-archive on or rules, his views are set to messages (not last 7
    > days or anything like that). His setting is to “warn before deleting items”
    > when he is closing outlook so it’s not that. Besides, it happens while he is
    > in Outlook. He is the only user that this is happening to so it’s not a
    > group policy setting. Does anyone know what could cause this? We use
    > Outlook 2007, sp2
    **the second problem are
    [FONT=&quot]it is also not showing all the incoming messages
    if its same problem to check in the exchange server please write me what [/FONT]
    . Thanks for assistance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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