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    I have a system with two terminal servers and a dedicated terminal server broker.

    I have set everything up as per this guide:

    I have not set up DNS round robin yet, but as I understand the guide, that is not a requirement, it just balances the initial logon requests bwtween servers.

    As I understand the guide, I have configured the ts broker with the session broker role, I have added the two TS servers to the local farm members group on the session broker.

    I have configured each terminal server to be a member on the same farm.

    I beleive that now when I log on to either of the terminal servers, it should automatically query the session broker, and decide which server should handle that particular session.

    But its not working – whatever terminal server I log on to, it always just logs me in to that physical server.

    Am I missing something??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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