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    I am in the beginnings of installing Exchange 2010 on our domain. I am at the screen that prompts you for your “Mail Flow Settings” and I am unable to go further.

    If I click Browse, it lists a non-existent computer (tntest). If I click Next, a prompt displays stating “Some controls aren’t valid. – You must specify the legacy routing server when you install the first Hub Transport server…that contains legacy Exchange servers.”

    We do not have Exchange of any kind installed. (We are using gmail pop with Outlook.)

    I have only been with this company for a year, and been cleaning up the garbage from my predecessor. I know it could be possible that this ‘phantom’ computer could have been a test 2003 Exchange server at some point. (name is tntest) If that is the case and it was not removed properly, what options do I have?

    Thank you for all the help,

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