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    Hello everyone. I am creating MST files to deploy Office 2k3 and have come across a couple of issues. First our organization is still on Exchange 5.5 but is migrating to Exchange 2k3 by the end of March. OK, one of the problems I see is when I compose an email and click on the “To” button it defaults to an address list called recipients and not the GAL. Easy enough to change manually but I’d really like to have it changed where the GAL is default. I have read several things about offline address books and such but I cannot find the answer to this specific question. Another question I have is the default views in Outlook, is there a way to mody them before deploying Office? I have read that it is not possible. If it is not do you have any documentaion I could point to that say it is not.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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