other ways to find adminpass on a PC with DeepFreeze installed(2 methods didn’t work)

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    At our school there are 24 PCs with win2000 installed.
    We only have a restricted user, and we don’t know the “machine admin” password and neither the “domain admin” password.

    First of all, I tried the http://petri.com/reset_domain_admin_password_in_windows_2000_ad.htm method; I used the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor boot disk and I set the machine admin pass to blank.(1st step)
    I did the next steps correctly, I set cmd.exe as screensaver exactly as it says (from Directory Service Recovery Mode),…, but when I typed ‘mmc dsa.msc’ in cmd, the “Active Directory Users and Computers” window just won’t open (it gave me an error, I forgot what it said). why?

    I also tried the http://www.loginrecovery.com method, (I tried it at home too – it worked), but at school it said that the pass had “code 06” high level of security…, or something like that. why?

    There is another IMPORTANT thing i have to mention: all the PCs have DeepFreeze installed; there is only 1 partition which is freezed (c), and there is another (d) mounted from the server (or something like that – anyway it’s not freezed); my point was that once the admin pass found, to install iOpusStarr on c: (it couldn’t be fully installed from the restricted user – that’s why i needed the machine admin pass) and set it to save report on d: and hope that the teacher would enter deepfreeze BEFORE the next restart. Anyway, if he doesn’t, all I have to do is to install iOpusStarr again after the next restart (because deepfreeze ‘erases’ it – but it won’t erase report.htm on d:) :D

    other method for deepfreeze could be http://www.governmentsecurity.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=123, but NTFSDOSPRO costs 300$ :(

    the questiond i have are
    1. is there another efficient method to FIND (preferable not to change – without knowing the previous) the ‘domain admin’ pass from the server?
    2. once I find it, how else can I find the DeepFreeze pass (or any method to deactivate it)?

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