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    Hey guys,

    There was a similar post in here 2 years ago, but I thought I might end up hi-jacking it if I posted there..

    OK, so we’ve got this old heap of crap P4 with 1gb RAM and 320GB Disk.
    It has XP Pro on SP3 and 2x NICs installed.

    We want to set it up as the office music / downloads (legal stuff like SPs and whatnot) box.
    We have two subnets, which it simultaneously runs on atm, one for downloading and one on the internal network.
    (Download network is slightly slower speed, but more downloads /month, internal network is less downloads, but higher bandwidth)

    We need to connect to the internal network, cos all of the music is on the server.

    What I wanna know, is whether it’s possible to force everything through the download network, but still allow the PC to map a drive to the internal network by itself???

    Hope that is clear enough..

    And yeah, i’ve searched Google for the last 30 mins or so, couldn’t figure out a decent search string though..


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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