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    Hopefully this is the right place to post this. if not please feel free to move to the appropriate forum.

    I have experienced this sporadically even before totally controlling the offline files aspect via group policy. I should explain. Just recently i made some changes to GP that would automatically make certain folders available offline to laptop users due to our folder redirection policies. Desktop and AppData folders. Prior to making this change i would have to manually set the folders up after setting up a user. Ok so the problem is this.

    Sometimes, after i would choose the Desktop and AppData folder from the user’s homedir, it would scan the folder and start synchronizing only to fail at every single file with an “Access Denied” error. I have checked all rights on the user’s drive, the user is the owner of their directory and any subfolder. The user also has list rights from the root of the server. Here’s the ODD fix. After emailing with M$ tech support back and forth for about 2 weeks with no solution, i tried to log in as a different user, one with relatively the same rights as the owner of the laptop. Go through the same process and then scan/sync would actually complete with no real errors. (just errors about .db files not being able to me made offline – not an issue). After that i would log in as the laptop “owner” user re-do the process and it would work. Then log in as the “temp” user and just delete the offline files.

    So after i changed the GP to automatically make the 2 folders available offline i haven’t had the issue. Until today. Updated someone’s laptop and put them in the new OU. Logged in as the user, log off, no offline file sync. Reboot, gpupdate /force, logoff, login no sync, log off no sync. Again just for laughs i logged in as one of our test users, and what do you know, soon as i logged in, offline files started syncing. Then logged off, logged in with the laptop owner’s user and it started working. I am officially lost. There really isn’t much difference between the two users other than different rights groups, but those are for different shares. Nothing to do with the homedir rights. They are identical as far as rights to their perspective homedir. are concerned. Has anyone come across this anomaly before? Like i said above, Microsoft was not much help the first time around.

    Any help is appreciated.


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