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    Ok, so i have a new General Manager who brought me this pc to try and recover the local admin password. The computer was on another domain, so there is no way to log into it. He really just wants the data, not necessarily the password, but i think he would prefer the password and get what he needs himself.

    It is a dell dimension XPS Gen 2 pc. 3.4 intel proc, 2 gig of ram, 2 120gig drives on a sata controller. It has sata raid built into the controller which is on the motherboard, but whoever configured it last didnt use raid. So the drives go thru the controller, but not in raid. I am having trouble getting any of the linux pw recovery boot disks to see the hard drives, and i dont have anything else sata around here to throw the hard drive on. Its starting to get a bit frustrating, because i have used every recovery disk i can find on the web.

    I am thinking about trying a 2nd windows install onto the 2nd hard drive, booting to that, and trying to recover the data from there. I could then set it back up with properly working raid 1 or 0 and build it with a proper install. I dont know the best way to go about it.

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