ntFRS issues with new DC

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    Windows 2003 R2

    3 DC’s one domain


    Just depricated and removed a DC due to failing hardware, replaced with new DC, the new DC cannot replicate with the other DCs, and vise versa, (at least not fully).

    Just added a new workstation to the domain, and the DC with the replication issues is the only one showing the new computer object, the other DCs never see it.

    I have went through tons of articles from microsoft, some of which uncovered some issues which were resolved, (locking down RPC ports, confirming firewall rules, etc). But the new DC still will not replicate.

    We have many 13508 NtFRS errors in the event log, but no 13509s, and the other DCs never see newly added computer objects when they appear on the DC with the issue.

    Has anyone else encountered this and been sucsessful in fixing it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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