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    I did a cursory search on the forum and a fairly extensive search on Google, to seemingly no avail.

    Windows 2003 Active Directory Native
    DC’s are W2K3 SP2
    Server hosting home drives is W2K3 SP2
    Client computers are Windows XP SP3

    Having issues with server that hosts home drives. Changed home drive location for all users in profile section and redirected them via GPO.

    After several days, I got messages from users complaining they couldn’t get into their My documents folder. H: drive (home drive) is fine. I noticed that the registry keys that set my documents are still pointing to the old home drive.

    I temporarily allowed (via GPO) users to change their My Docs path so I could fix the issue while they were logged in.

    ALSO… after the issue was corrected manually, users can’t browse my documents when they are saving documents in Office 2007.

    Root folder: D:Home
    Administrators (Full Control)
    Creator Owner (Special) Subfolder and folders only (Full Control)
    System (Full Control)

    Individual Home folders:
    Same as root
    Each individual user (Full Control)

    Let me know if I need to provide more information and thanks!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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