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    Good morning everybody,

    I was wondering if one of you guys, one day, moved a Hyper-V cluster to a new domain ?
    I have en idea on the step by step process to follow, I’ve checked on the internet and found this

    Of course the moving means same hardware: SAN and Servers. No new devices installation.

    Evict the cluster node 1 and be sure none of the VM will try tregister on this node.

    Remove the cluster role before joining the new domain.

    First question: did you think I need to remove the Hyper-V role before joining the domain ?

    Join the server to the new domain.

    Install cluster role.

    Now the new node is ready to receve the CSV volume. If I read the link above, after shutting down all VM I had to detach the CSV volume from the node on the former domain and connect the LUN to the new node on the new domain

    Second question: while attaching the CSVvolume to the new node, isn’t there a risk that the node initialize the volume ? Isn’t there any ACL that could remains and disturb the mounting ?

    Where I am in trouble is how will the Hyper-V manager ahndle the VM on the new node ? The normal process to add a VM to a VMManager is to export and import.

    Though one: if I do not need to remove the Hyper-V role before joining the new domain, the server will normally handle the VMs as he was managing them before the move. Am I right ?

    Though two: if I remove the Hyper-V role before joining the new domain then install the Hyper-V role, no information about previous VMs will remain. In this case I won’t be able to manage my VM as I didn’t follow the export / import process. Is it right ?

    After those steps, adding a new node to the newly created cluster is easy (hope so).

    Did one of you encountered a such situation ? Did you have any advices except pray and finger-cross :) . I forget to add: Windows 2008 r2.

    Thank you for any comments you will made.

    Have a nice day everybody.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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