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    This happens all the time. If i go to a clients computer, any computer, it could be on my server, and mapped drives already exist, and i want to map another drive, it will work, but if i disconnect it, forget to do something so i go to map it again, it won’t map, saying wrong username or password. Logging off and on won’t work, rebooting won’t work, ipconfig /flushdns won’t work,

    The only thing that will work is to disconnect all of the mapped drives, and map the one that is having problems first, or i have to use the computer name of the server where the profile name exists to log on, and that doesn’t work all the time.


    i can map with,
    username and password

    but when i disconnect and try to reconnect looks like this
    serverusername and password

    Last bit of info, that may play a part.

    I have a terastation, and i have servers, 2008 R2, i am pretty sure that this ONLY happens,when i have drives mapped to both locations. And i have to use the second example with both locations(nas and server) when the problem occurs.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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