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    Every week I get a call from the Help Desk asking me to look at a server which they can no longer PING. I find that I cannot access the server via DNS but IP is OK and find that if I issue an “IPCONFIG /REGISTERDNS” on the server, DNS “kicks-in” and all is good again.

    I checked the DNS server and the record looks like this:

    Host: MyServer
    FQDN: MyServer.MyDomain.Com
    IP Address:
    Update associated pointer record (PTR): Checked
    Delete this record when it becomes stale: UnChecked
    TTL: 0:0:20:0 (DDDDD:HH:MM:SS)

    Happens randomly to about one server a week, never the same one.

    Can anyone suggest why this would be happening?

    Domain Controllers are Win2K8 R2. Servers are mostly Win2K3 SP2.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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