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    Hi, hoping someone can help!

    I have a login script running for staff users on my school network, and at a remote campus, its not applying for some staff. On login, the “Netlogin” share shows up in My Computer, but no drives or printers will map. It seems to hang there. I can map their drives manually, but in testing nothing happens!

    I have 3 sites, with a DC at each site replicating to each other. Sysvol scripts seem to replicate OK, but staff aren’t getting their drive and printer mappings. Here at my main site, I have a secondary DC, which is a backup DC and it seems that when staff login here, the Netlogon share shows up and won’t close off. This server is holding the FSMO roles even though its a temporary server. It was installed to introduce a Win 2003 server to the domain, which was previously all Win2K servers. I do want to remove this one, but am reluctant to do so at the moment and risk upsetting the balance.

    I don’t know why the login script isn’t closing off. If I test a user, then rerun the login script from the Netlogon share, it closes then. My question is: why isn’t the script closing after it runs?
    I’m stuck on this and its getting quite urgent. FRS seems to be OK between the sites, but I’d like to resolve this ASAP.

    many thanks in advance..

    Villagorilla :confused:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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