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    I have configured ISA 2006 with two(2) nics; below are the network details

    Internal: 192.168.X.X/16
    External: 172.16.33.X/24
    New-Internal: 192.169.3.X/24 (just mentioned for expalining my issue, using private subnet in real environment)

    Deatils of Internal adapter of ISA:
    GW: –
    DNS: –
    Deatils of External adapter of ISA:

    The users in the Internal Subnet(192.168.X.X/16) are able to browse the internet using proxy, but in the New-Internal subnet users are unable to access the internet.

    New-Internal can access External Subnet. (Routing is ok)
    I have also created a access rule in ISA, i am getting the below message
    The routing table for the network adapter Internal includes IP address ranges that are not defined in the array-level network Internal, to which it is bound. As a result, packets arriving at this network adapter from the IP address ranges listed below or sent to these IP address ranges via this network adapter will be dropped as spoofed. To resolve this issue, add the missing IP address ranges to the array network.
    The following IP address ranges will be dropped as spoofed:
    External: –;
    ISA Server detected routes through the network adapter External that do not correlate with the network to which this network adapter belongs. When networks are configured correctly, the IP address ranges included in each array-level network must include all IP addresses that are routable through its network adapters according to their routing tables. Otherwise valid packets may be dropped as spoofed. The following ranges are included in the network’s IP address ranges but are not routable through any of the network’s adapters: –;. Note that this event may be generated once after you add a route, create a remote site network, or configure Network Load Balancing and may be safely ignored if it does not re-occur.

    Please help me to resolve this.
    many thanks in advance

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