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    Hello to all!

    Scenario: we have our own server in our office,
    with Windows 2003 standard, two NICS, ADSL connection.
    ISA 2004.

    Aim: our developer (his computer is in our domain) needs to have an access to remote site. Remote site adminsitrator provided us the CD with Cisco VPN client software. We installed that CD.
    We can connect to remote computer(my guess this is cisco firewall IP), but we can’t connect to remote windows-based server.

    Then I attached normal analog modem to developer’s PC, we dialed to internet provider, and we connected to remote windows-based server.

    It is obvious that something should be done on our ISA2004 firewall.

    I don’t know a much about Cisco firewalls. In our case, I have the following information about remote network:
    – public IP of firewall
    – internal IP for remote windows-based server
    – username and password for Cisco firewall

    Remote site’s administrator included *.pcf file in Cisco vpn client distributive directory. So that after installation of that vpn client we already have connection to remote server.

    Everything looks like except the only thing: what should be done on our ISA 2004 ?

    Thank you in advance for your help!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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