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    I am thinking of extending my Active Directory infrastructure to the cloud, so I saw a video about Windows Azure, but a technical one, really short and not in depth.

    Is it expensive (monthly) to put a domain controler in Azure?

    Thanks in advance!


    As per my experience, I should say that Microsoft Azure is providing reasonable prices with the services they provide compared to AWS.

    And also people might be thinking the price is on the higher side because of their usage of Microsoft products (Window’s OS and Applications).

    In other cases such as migration of your applications to the cloud also felt like charging higher prices but eventually, the companies get benefited if they are working on Cloud platform.

    But we need to agree that services provided by Azure are cant be compared with the traditional methods we must say Azure is doing a cost-cutting process which is helping the business to grow.

    Some companies are looking for employees who can work with Azure as it can help them to reduce their time and effort.

    Hence professionals are also showing much interest in Azure for their future prospectus.

    If you would like to have trained for Azure, then I suggest going with CLOUD FOUNDATION.

    CLOUD FOUNDATION is one of such online institute which I’m familiar with as they provide training at a very low price compared to other training institutes.

    They do also provide a free course for the users to have a basic understanding of the technology.

    The well-experienced trainers help you all the way to get into the complete knowledge of the technology. The institute helps you in gaining technical skills too.

    If you are planning to do certification, the trainers will guide the certification process and provides you the questions which are commonly asked in the exam.

    If you would like to know more about the course details you can contact them for 24*7 chat services.


    Azure is actually not very expensive. Azure’s pricing for the services it offers are very similar to it’s competitors such as AWS or GCP. If you feel like Azure is charging you more than it should then make sure you are not running and/or using services that are not in use as that would cost more, no matter which platform you use. Such as destroy Virtual Machines if not in use, do not start services before you are going to need or use them.


    I am using azure in past i was using aws but i would say that azure is the best in many aspects it provide the best services. i am using azure for storing and managing my volkl tennis racquet and pickleball paddle data and also appilication.

    IT’S good ROI.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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