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    Hi all,

    Have you tried using IPSec for Terminal Service via ISA Server ?

    I published Terminal Server and the all Terminal Client ( external & internal ) could connect. Then I tried using IPSec with Shared Key on Terminal Server.

    In internal network, all Terminal Clients using IPSec with the same Shared Key as Terminal Server could remote OK without problem. All Terminal Clients not using IPSec couldn’t make the remote connection.

    On external network ( internet ), I configured a Terminal Client to use IPSec but couldn’t connect to the Terminal Server. In the log on ISA Server, I saw there’re many IKE protocol with port 500 were denied. I tried to create a new Server rule which allow IKE Server protocol. And then, could make the remote connection.

    Yet, when remove IPSec from the Terminal Client, could still make the remote connection.
    Disable or Remove the rule has just been created, could still connect ?????

    Please help me …..


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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