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    Ok so….I am in the process of creating VLANS on my network. I am currently working with a Cisco 2811 for my router and a HP ProCurve 2824 as my core switch. I need to get 4 vlans configured properly and talking to one another. I will worry about the access-lists after I get things working correctly. Here is an overview of my configurations.
    -Router. I have 4 vlans configured on eth 0/1 (.1, .2, .3, .4). I am using dot1q encapsulation. I have no-ip slit horizon configured on vlan1 interface. I want the vlans to share routing updates. I also want them to be able to talk with one another.
    Physical Interface 0/1: no ip address
    VLAN1: (0/1.1)
    VLAN2: (0/1.2)
    VLAN3: (0/1.3)
    VLAN4: (0/1.4)
    -Switch. 4 VLANS configured. All named VLAN 1 – VLAN 4. IP default-gateway set to IP addresses are as follows.
    All ports are untagged for VLAN1 and all other ports are tagged for VLANs 2-4. Ports 21 and 22 are teamed as a trunk port with (LACP) and tagged in VLANS 2-4 only
    This is a no brainer, however I’ll say it anyway. I have my patch cable going from eth 0/1 on the router to port 21 on the switch.
    Here is what I can do:
    1. From the router, I can ping all the VLAN interfaces on itself. I can ping all the VLAN interfaces on the switch. I can ping a host connected to port 1 on the switch and configured in VLAN1.
    2. From the switch, I can do what I can with the router.
    3. From Host1 on VLAN1, I can ping all vlan interfaces on the router and only the vlan1 interface on the switch.
    4. From host2 on VLAN2, I cannot ping anything and nothing can ping it.
    Prior to someone trying to help, I had the ports tagged differently on the switch and who knows what else was changed. I have looked, however I may have overlooked something.
    I will provide more info as needed, but im kinda fried right now. Any input is appreciated.


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