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    Hi I am having a bit of a problem figuring out which version of VMware to install (either VMware Player or Server) I have tried to install VMware Player on Fedora Core 5 already but was pretty much stuck at the beginning. I just do not know even how to start. What I am wanting to do is run Fedora for my main OS (Fedora Core 5) but be able to have the ability to run Windows XP virtually so that I can run those exclusively Windows programs. I am a familiar with Windows and I have about four months experience with Linux so needless to say I am still a newbie with Linux. I have been running it the other way around Linux with VMware Player in Windows. I was getting to the point where I really liked Linux better than Windows. So I converted my Windows machine using VMware Converter. This enabled me to run my Windows XP machine with VMware player as a virtual machine. That works fine so all I have to do is install VMware Server or Player into Fedora and I have everything that I need to start running Windows virtually.
    I am running a
    Dell Latitude 120L
    Fedora Core 5
    Intel Pentium M 1.73GHz processor
    60GB Hard Drive
    1.5GB Ram
    Dell Wireless 1370 WLAN Mini PCI
    BroadCom 440 X 10/100 Integrated
    if I am missing something that you might need let me know,

    So if my jumbled mess made any sense I really would appreciate the help. I did try to look for previous topics on this issue, but if I did miss it I am sorry and if it is not to much trouble just post the link to the forum I will get the idea. Thanks again…
    Bradley Roth

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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