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    I know that this is more office problam but it more a server network problam

    Hello all

    I’m in process of changing my file server, the old one was my DC and my FS and now I install Netup for all the storage and the DC will still be my DC.
    My R&D Department is using an PowerPoint presentation that contain allot of hyperlinks to files on my file server.
    with the Netup install i forced to change my storage name and to change links around my network.
    my problem is this:
    on this PowerPoint presentation the links have a name but not the path name Example not \ServerNamefileName just AnyName. With the server name is changed all the links doesn’t work I am talking abut hundred of links so I cant change it all manually and the replace tool isn’t working because i need to the hyperlink path and the hyperlink name
    Any suggestions??
    Please help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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