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    Hello Everyone,

    Greetings for the day.

    I attached the scenario for ref.

    The Routers are c2911 and switches are Cisco SMB SG-300.

    I configured 3 HSRP groups (1,2 & 3) in one segment and 2 HSRP groups (4,5 & 6) in other segment. Two for connecting WAN and one for LAN. Used EIGRP for Routing.

    And connected switch ports on WAN are configured to (Switchport mode access & Spanning-tree portfast).

    For testing I pinged from to continuously.

    (1) Disconnected primary WAN link from switch, I takes almost 15 sec. (3 Request timed out) to switch-over to another network.

    (2) Disconnected one interface on the active router then it takes 5 or 10 sec. (1 or 2 Request timed out) to get reply again. although I configured standby timers to HELLO 300ms and Hold 3 sec.

    My client requirement is 0% loss on fail-over.

    Please suggest me is it possible to have 0% loss (no time out). the attached scenario is just for your ref. but in actual scenario there are 1 more segment with similar hardware. 1 more HSRP group for WAN, 1 G703 with low bandwidth connection if all three HSRP goes down. And one more LAN Subnet on HSRP (every workstation has 2 Ethernet adapters) .

    There are totally 2 LAN on HSRP, 3 WAN o HSRP & 1 Serial connections in each segment. Right now we are testing this complete scenario in a LAB.

    Please tell me what can I do to minimize the delay.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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