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HP PBR Question

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    I am looking to add these 2 networks to the PBR policy. My question is how do i do this? Do i just add static routes then somehow assign those routes to the policy? Or do i go into the policy and add the routes there?

    to —>

    class ipv4 “Sonicwall_PBR”

    30 ignore icmp

    40 ignore ip

    50 ignore icmp

    60 ignore ip

    70 ignore icmp

    80 ignore ip

    90 ignore icmp

    100 ignore ip

    110 ignore icmp

    120 ignore ip

    130 ignore icmp

    140 ignore ip

    150 ignore icmp

    160 ignore ip

    170 ignore icmp

    180 ignore ip

    190 ignore icmp

    200 ignore ip

    210 match ip

    220 match icmp

    policy pbr “Sonicwall_PBR_Policy”

    10 class ipv4 “Sonicwall_PBR”

    action ip default-next-hop


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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