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    Basicall I have a project for my degree that requires me to create an Active Directory for a made up university.
    I am having some confusions as to how I am going to go out this, I have installed Windows Server 2012 on a virtual machine.
    The scenario is as follows:
    3 buildings/sites: Research and Development, Law and Business, Science and Technology.

    For those 3 buildings should I create an Organisational Unit for each? So within the Unversity Domain, have 3 OU’s each named after the 3 buildings previously mentioned?
    Or should I make the Organisational Units for each User Group, such as Students, Lecturers, I.T Department, Librarians etc?

    I have tried creating an OU for each building, so I have 3 OU’s within the domain but i don’t know how to include a single group (I.T Department) to all 3 OU’s without adding it in each one individually.

    Help is very much appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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