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    My MD has been told that someone has sent an email to him but he hasn’t received it. It’s not a surprise as we have an Anti Spam system in our DMZ that frequently blocks mail from the person who sent it. I checked in the Anti Spam and it shows that the mail has been received, was clean and so sent on to our Exchange 2010 server.

    I used the Tracking Log Explorer in Exchange to track the message and it shows that Exchange received the mail and delivered to my MD’s mailbox. Only problem is, he didn’t receive it. I’ve checked the Anti Spam Content Filtering in Exchange and it’s not there. Neither is it my MD’s junk mail. He is still receiving other external email. Is there a way of finding out where this mail went and view it or resend it? Here’s a screen shot of the Message tracker. It’s not uploaded it at full size it seems so it’s quite hard to read.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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