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    I have adsl connection at home and from adsl connection one port is connected to my cisco 1812 router.

    I want to create LAN connection on this router to connect four laptops through ethernet.

    Port details are as below :

    one console port
    one AXE port
    ONE ISDN port
    six ethernet ports & 2 more separate ethernet ports.

    Now, I want to ping the laptops from each other and everbody should be able to browse Internet.

    My default gateway for my ADSL modem is

    I want two VLANs.

    I would highly appreciate if any one can tell me the range of IP address with examples so that I can use in my router .

    I am very confused assiging IP address to port.

    My understanding is we assgin two address to router one Publick and private.

    A public address should assgin to defult vlan1 .

    I am really confused please help my I have exam next month and I am doing selfstudy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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