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    On a windows server 2003, we use exchange 2003.

    To backup our email, we use the software mailarchiva community edition.

    The way it works, every email going through exchange are copied in the journal account.

    mailarchiva is connected to exchange via imap (mailarchiva is located in another computer).

    When mailarchiva download the messages, mailarchiva seems to hard delete the emails.

    In the exchange manager, I see the size of deleted element in the journal account is very high (a lot of messages for approx. 2go). When I open the mailbox in outlook the mailbox is empty.

    I added the tool deleted elements and changed the registry key to enable the tool for every folder (not only garbage). And I can see that every email archived are in deleted state!

    In my exchange configuration, the setting shows that exchange should keep deleted files for 3 days. I changed the setting for 0 and then started exchange maintenance task. No change. I did delete every deleted email in outlook, but since the mailbox keep growing up.

    Is there any issue with that ? I never found any information on the internet about this issue. Is there any configuration I missed ?

    Thank you for your help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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