Getting rid of 2 of my 4 exchange servers.

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    There are 4 Exchange servers running as VMware VMs. An in production 2010 Clientv Access only Exchange server. An in production Client Access, Hub Transpor,t and Mailbox 2010 Exchange Server. A powered off 2003 Web Access Exchange server. A powered off everything else 2003 Exchange server. When I say powered off, I mean they have been powered off since before my employment here. Over a year. I can only assume that the previous IT staff upgraded to 2010 and then powered off the 2003. Perhaps they intended to do something with them later, but they were real bad about making notes.

    I’m wanting to get rid of these powered off VMs. What is the best way to proceed? Should I just delete the VMs and clean up active directory. Or should I power them on and attempt to remove exchange. Then remove the VMs from the domain. The in production servers do know of the powered off servers existence.

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