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    Here’s my problem:
    We’ve been aquired by a US company. We use Exchange2003 and they use some other mail (POP3). In order to use same mail domain @DOMAIN.NET I added recipient policy to the users and set it to be their default address, although we are not the MX or this domain. A public mail sent to [email protected] is being forwarded by the other system (the official MX) to [email protected].

    All of the above works fine
    When my local user sends mail to [email protected] (an existing recipient in US) I get NDR (I know why) :)
    I need a solution for that situation.
    I’ve tried creating a routing group and SMTP virtual server to forward the mail to their mail server but the NDR is generated before it reaches the Virtual Server.

    Any suggestions will be blesses!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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