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    Hello Comunity,

    I Have a problem.

    I have a domain in a server that has allot of users.

    And then i have a server in the office with exchange 2013 that has about 5 users and uses the same domain

    What is happening is when thos 5 users try to send and email to a user out of the exchange server in the same domain, we get a email error that the user was not found, wll that is normal.

    What i need is, if the user account doesen’t exist in the exchange server, so send it to another email server in the outside. how is that possible ?

    I’m using a pop collector to colect the emails form the outside server of domain into the exchange server. Dont have a fixed ip address, and use a smtp connecto to send out the email.

    Thanks Allot

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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