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    This is a Hello to all, this is my first post. I searched and googled and came across Forgot Admin Password by Daniel Petri and am currently reseaching all of his information. So I am not asking for help yet, still have several things to try. What happened is unusual. I did not have any passwords set on the computer, it opened as Admin all time for at least 18 months. I have a two hard drive computer and on one is XP Pro with all service packs and security updates which is working normally. Then I tried to get into the second hard drive which is Win 2000 Pro with all the service packs and security that is available and was asked for my username and password. I entered nothing as I did not know where this come from or why, so I clicked to go past. This is my object now, just to get into the Win2000 Pro hard drive.

    Woe is me, it would not go past insisted that I enter the password. Since I did not create one I did not have anything to enter, so I started my search. I can get into some things and run programs from XP Pro by selecting Drive D which is the second hard drive with 2k on it. I can get into the registery but I MAY have found the password but it was in binary and I have no idea how to read binary. :confused:

    I think I can get to the Event Log but I have not tried that yet. I will before I come back and of course as with most people I have no backups as this is a to do tomorrow project when I have time. :mrgreen:

    I am now using some of the things that from other links that Daniel suggested. So I will get back and ask for help if I need it further. Thanks for being here everyone and I am glad that I found this forum.

    – Any other information you think we might need in order to help you.

    Not sure of anything to add now. Again thanks for being here and I will let you know the outcome. If you think of anything that might help me provide more information later let me know.

    Just thought of something, do not know if it has any revelance.
    Last December my wife gave me this HP Notebook and it is wireless, not sure if anyone can get into it or not. I have a wireless router with a very strong password on it. Which is connected to the computer in question by an ethernet cable and works fine as for as getting on the internet. I also have a third computer that has ME as the os. It too is connected most of the time, not at the present, however, as I have been restoring an os XP Home to a Notebook with a new hard drive connected by ethernet cable in its place. Worked good also. I do NOT have them networked as I have followed the instructions provided by XP Pro but have not had any success getting them networked. I have one more place to search for information on how to do that before I come back and find a place on the forum to see if I can get them networked successful. I use the Notebook in the den and it would be nice if I could get it to operate one of the printers in the computer room.

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