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    I am doing a single server Ex2010 Migration to a 3 Server group

    2 Will be in a DAG, 1 will be HT/CAS.

    In addition 1 of the DAGs will be a manual failover for CAS.

    I have created a CAS array with all the CAS servers. The new databases are assigned to use the cas name as their primary.

    When I move users over they continue to work, but do not update to use the array, they continue to use the old server. I hope to be able to decommission that server.

    I have found that new accounts point correctly, and if you click the “repair” button it updates, however with 200 remote users across the US I would prefer not to do this manually.

    Is there any way to kick this change off remotely from the exchange server? Also I can push scripts out to the clients, is there a command line option to force this update?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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