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    Hello all,

    Posting in here because this is a scripting question, but also posted in the AD forum due to it’s relation to AD (dsmove command). Please forgive the double posts

    I’m devising some dsquery / dsmove commands , just experimenting around.

    I’m experimenting with using for /f command to parse each line of .txt file. The .txt file contains the DN of the objects I want to move.

    However, all that happens is the .TXT file opens. It sits there, then I close it, and the command completes, but nothing’s been moved in AD

    Here’s my command

    for /f “Tokens=* delims=” %a in (‘%userprofile%desktop8months.txt’) do (‘dsmove “%a” -newparent “OU=8months,OU=oldcomp,DC=office,DC=local”‘)

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