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    i have 2 servers (win2k3 enterprise, and win23k standard – both are non RC2 versions) that i’ve set up as my home domain servers. they are there really as a learning tool. having said that, my experience is somewhat limited.

    i’m trying to setup redundant folder redirection.

    i’ve established a DFS root (i think that’s what it’s called) between the two servers that mirror what’s the contents of a “common” folder.

    i’ve also established folder redirection for the desktop and mydocs that points to certain folders on one of the DC’s.

    recently there was an issue with the DC that houses the folder redirection folders that disabled the functionality of the folder redirection. as a result, i want a sort of fault tolerance for folder redirection.

    unless my understanding of DFS is wrong, i thought the DFS root would be a central repository that is identified on its own, independent of any individual server. if this is the case, i’d like to direct folder redirection to this repository so that a redundancy is made.

    is what i want possible? if i can be done, how can it be done?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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