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    Hi to all members,
    I am having another Compaq Armada M 700 Laptop on which Windows xp SP3 is running fine.The hdd is 40gb and memory is 256mb.
    Since it is regularily updated automatically and sometimes I find that if not present in future I will face space constrain. I find that in C: drive folders and also in windows directory very large number of files and folders of the type as shown in title above are accumulated and of large sizes.The names of such
    files and directory are dimmed and not highlighted.
    So what I feel if these files and folders are removed/deleted safly then I will get lot of space on c: drive.I am not sure how and in what way these files and folders are essential for the system to work.I am this much sure if not all of them but a large share can be removed without affecting the system.
    so please advice what I should do and a process also to remove such files/folders because system may deny sometimes in removing such things.
    I am sure to get a solution from friends in the forum.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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