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    I have installed a ex2003 box and am slowly migrating my users to use it. Untill all the users have been migrated, each outlook installation has 2 mail accounts, the exchange one and a pop account. Mail comes into the company to the pop server and is collected by the outlook clients and delivered to the exchange mailbox. This works ok but any mail delivered to the pop server will not be visable in the OWA untill the client on the desktop has poped the pop server. This means anyone using OWA from outside the company wont see any new mail.

    Is it possible to set up the exchange box as the initial recipient of ALL emails that come in, any that match up to a created exchange account will be delivered to the exchange box, but any mail that doesn’t have a match can be forwarded to the POP server. This would then allow external OWA users to see all existing and NEW mail.

    Honda RC148

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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