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    Hi, im looking into an email archive solutions as part of my project proposal and wonder if its feasible. therefore, am seeking some professional advice here.

    Im currently running ex2k on a very old server and plans to migrate over to a new server with win2k3 and ex2k3. the new server proposed will be running on raid1 and raid 5 respectively and will have a centralized db of user’s mailboxes. (2x80GB) for o/s mirroring so as to reduce downtime on hdd failure. the other (3x173GB) for raid 5 fault tolerent on the exchange DB.

    to maintain an archive of emails for about 3-5 years worth of emails for safekeeping purposes. no of users = 80-100

    email flowchart of proposed solution

    internet>incoming email>centralized exc database>
    1)user mailboxes.
    2)shadowed centralized exc database


    whilst user had deleted their mails from their mailbox, my shadowed centralized DB will still have those original incoming and outgoing mail.

    -Understand that to achieve the above, i may need to get an email archiver program eg:gelato.

    1) but can i know if its possible to have a remote mirrored db in a NAS box?

    2) I have another email gateway server doing filtering of emails and forwarding to my exc server, will that cause any implications on my proposed solutions.

    3) with OWA enable, will i still be able to retain an original copy of the email db even when users delete mail from their mailboxes.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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