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    Having a slight problem applying mailbox limits on Exchange 2003. As far as i am aware there are 3 places you can set these.

    1) Server (Icon) – Mailbox Store in exchange system manager.
    2) Active Directory, Individual user properties.
    3) System Policies folder – New Mailbox policy.

    I tried setting a global limit for all users through system manager method. There are a handful of users who are allowed to be excluded from the global policy (their mailboxes are above the global limit) so i configured each user in Active Directory to have their own mailbox size which is above the global limit.

    My problem is that when i apply the Global setting the users i have excluded from the global report that their mailbox is full, it seems the global policy is being applied to their mailbox. I have checked the System Policies and found that there are no policys, so i’m a little puzzled this is something i have managed before without any hassle.

    Any advice welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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