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    On our production network we’re running two 2003 R2 AD DC’s and one 2003 R2 Server with Exchange 2003, along with various other servers and stuff etc…

    We’re looking to upgrade the two DC’s to 2008 R2 so we get better integration with Win7 and also it feels the right time to upgrade these two very old servers. We’ve created a test network and have successfully added a 2008 R2 DC and demoted a 2003 R2 DC, transferred AD, DNS and DHCP etc. and all is well with Exchange, GPO and workstations. There are few steps that need to be taken in the right order but we now have a working list for when we look to implement this project on our production network.

    All the material I could find implicitly says to leave the forest and domain level at 2003 else exchange 2003 will break. So with this imprinted in our minds, we’ve left the forest and domain level at 2003.

    However, I was interested, so when we had finished our testing, I increased both the forest and domain level to 2008 R2 which is supposed to break Exchange 2003. Trouble is, it just carried on working. We can add & delete users, add & delete mailboxes, create GPO’s etc.. but nothing seems to have broken Exchange. Does anyone know what is supposed to break with Exchange 2003 and why?

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