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    Hi guys,

    A while back I ditched our mixed server 2000/2003 AD environment for server 2k8. We had a lot of AD cruft and weirdness from the nongraceful addition and removal of lots of 2k and 2k3 servers over the years, so I wanted to do a clean break.

    I recreated all our users on the new domain using some powershell scripts and exported their mailboxes using a combination of exmerge and manual outlook pst exports (when the mailboxes were too big for exmerge). However, a few users had mailboxes so big even the outlook pst dump would hang. Some of their mail would get dumped and some wouldn’t.

    Bottom line, I’m looking for a tool that will connect my old exchange 2k3 server, and dump some mailboxes. Then it needs to connect to my new 2k8/exchange 2010 environment and compare the dump to the existing mailbox and import the missing items. Third party, for-pay apps are fine. I’m desperate to find something. Anybody know of anything to do the trick?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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