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    Windows Sbs 2003 Sp2
    Exchange 2003 Sp2 + update


    when I try to add a smtp address to a my organization user I receive the error c10312e7 “the email address already exists in the organization”.

    Some time ago I alredy used that email address but after I deleted it

    i searched everywhere in the Active Directory but I can’t find any object with this address.
    I searched using Aduc custom query with proxyaddresses SMTP field, I used Adsi edit, adfind, ldp, csv, ldifde etc but I can’t find the address. If I put an know address in search argument I find it, so I am sure that the sintax is correct. It seems like there are some broken object in AD who keep that mail address but that are not listed with these searching tools.

    I also try ctrl+k in outlook but nothing appear.
    When I try to send an email to that address I receive an email from exchange administrator who tell me:
    ” Impossible reach the follow recipients:
    public folder store (SERVER)
    The message reached the mail system of the recipient, but the delivery has been rejected. Try to resend the message……error #5.2.1″

    I searched also in the mail enabled public folder but I can’t find any object with that email address.
    Now I don’t know what also can I try….. Do you have any suggestions ?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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