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    I’m due to go on holiday tomorrow and a charity I provide support for reported a problem getting emails.

    I logged on to the desktop (Win 7 Pro) remotely via the domain controller (using a VPN connection, then remote desktop from their domain controller – 2008 R2).

    Initially just one web page worked, after I ran ipconfig /flushdns nothing works. All web pages 404.

    Internet access is fine from the domain controller.

    The client’s IP settings are static and are correct. It points to the domain controller for DNS and to the router for the gateway

    I have tried adding Google’s public DNS servers and to the forwarders tab on the DNS server (on the domain controller).

    The charity uses Sophos Endpoint Security and I have disabled the firewall but the issue persists.

    The basic network information in the Network and Sharing Center shows a red x between the network and the Internet.

    I’m presently running a full virus scan in case the machine is infected.

    As luck would have it everyone else has waited until my last day before my holiday to get me to setup clients and configure them (they’ve had more than a week’s notice Grrrr)

    I’m up to my eyes at the moment and am just throwing this out there in case anyone has any suggestions I might try which will save me visiting their office during my holiday! I’ve probably forgotten to check some basic stuff because I’m so busy so any help will be appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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