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    We use backupassist which on the whole is a good product it just seems documentation and information on certain procedures is limited.

    Im trying to test a bare metal restore from our SBS box to a different server to which Im glad Im testing as the process is a pain. The recovery media which you create isn’t bootable (why would you allow someone to create recovery media and not make it bootable) so I had to convert it to a USB bootable device and now its fine.

    The problem now is that Im trying to get the recover assistant to see my backup so I can restore to the new server. The backups seem fine as I can see the VHD files which the backup created. The problem is that for what ever reason the recoverassistant doesn’t see the backups (backups not found) and if I search for the files they are there but it doesn’t do anything with them.

    Ive posted on the BA forum and the response which I found useless was I need to search in the folder above – firstly BA created the folder structure when it ran the backup so it should know how it likes the folder structure. And secondly you cant select the folder above it needs to keep drilling until it finds the VHD its expecting to see.

    Just wondering if anyone has tested the bare metal restore process and can see from above if Im doing something wrong?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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