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    In owa 2007 it’s possible to open folders and files in a local file server. This is a great feature that combines very well with web ready.

    The problem i’m trying to solve is when i use owa outside in the internet, for example at home. When i try to open a location using the link in OWA 2007 “Open in Windows Explorer”, it doesn’t work, because the Redirection doesn’t exist. The name of the server doesn’t exist outside. I can create the name in our dns, but still doesn’t work. The internet explorer tries to open the location using the file:// protocol. I think i have to open some ports in our firewall. Whitch ports ?

    The help from microsoft says this :

    “Open a document library in Internet Explorer To open the current Windows SharePoint Services document library folder in a separate Internet Explorer window, click the (Open in Internet Explorer) link above the Documents toolbar. When you are using Outlook Web Access directly from your organization’s internal network, this provides you with a mechanism for accessing the files with your full access permissions, rather than with read-only access. If you try to open the folder in Internet Explorer outside of your organization’s network, you may be unable to open it due to security policies. “

    Have anyone tried this ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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