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    Any help is appreciated.
    Our school bought a server that was to be preloaded with Win 2003 Server. It came with 2003 SBS. Knowing my way around W2K Server, which is our Forest Root, I ran ADPREP and SCHEMAPREP and got this new server online as a DC.
    Problems ever since.
    It keeps shutting down saying there is another 2003 Server DC on our network, there isn’t.
    I tried to demote it, but that failed.
    I want to completely blow it away and load the version of W2K that had been purchased for the older NT 4.0 server this one was bought to replace.
    Will following these steps allow me to manually demote this 2003 server?
    Will I damage my existing AD by removing this server? Is it trying to assume the Forest Root role from my W2k server?
    I need to get this up and running and transfer Financial and Antivirus applications to it ASAP before my NT 4.0 craps out on my.
    (Total 2 existing servers before addition of the 2003.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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