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Copy shared folders keep shared status

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    Hi All

    I wish to copy my shared folders to another computer for redundancy and I wish for the shared state of the folder and its ntfs permissions, acl etc. to be preserved or an alternative solution.

    I have tried robocopy and researched other ways but cant get the full solution.

    Nearest I can get is using allwaysync which can copy over all the ntfs permission and group state under certain circumstances.

    I notice that the share name is missing from the shared folder which means people wont be able to access it. Im aware that having 2 shared folders both with the same name should not be possible.

    I have restored a disk image of our data drive and I thought that a disk image would have the exact same share name etc. but even after a partition image restore the share names were gone and again the ntfs groups and permissions were available.

    I need the shared state and name to be available.

    Thanks for reading

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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